More than just a resource management tool

itd Advanced Resource Planning is complete resource management solution for CA PPM

Resource management done right

Reliable, simple planning of resources is essential in a dynamic and volatile project environment. Advanced Resource Planning for CA PPM allows companies for the first time to use a comprehensive, overarching resource management system based on an existing PPM system. Advanced Resource Planning helps:

project managers create realistic plans.
project managers coordinate with line managers.
line managers get a complete overview of the resource situation.
line managers simulate and decide on resource commitments.

Advanced Resource Planning is resource management for CA PPM

In our daily work with customers, we found that the existing functions of CA PPM were not sufficient for all applications, so we developed the CA PPM add-on Advanced Resource Planning. It is the perfect complement to your CA PPM installation and is certified by CA as an official add-on. Advanced Resource Planning drastically reduces the effort required for resource planning. Look forward to a simplified work process and faster, reliable results when planning your project resources.

Detailed planning

Use the Investment View or Resource View for a detailed view of your project portfolio in terms of investments or resources. Use detailed planning for assigning resources.

Live resource utilization

Always keep the current utilization and remaining capacity of resources in view across all projects. Recognize overloads as soon as you make an entry.

Scenario mode

Determine correct results for different variants of your plan in order to be prepared for changes early on. Adopt alternative planning statuses immediately, when necessary.


Make planning easier by dragging and dropping resources, assignments, and allocations. Your planning will be faster and much more convenient than in the past.


Add your own fields and actions to Advanced Resource Planning in order to adapt it to your individual course of planning, and automate standard tasks.

Fully integrated in CA PPM

Plan your resources faster and more accurately. Work directly in the CA PPM web interface. Get an overview your projects and resources in a common view.

itd Advanced Resource Planning unleashes powers
that you didn’t know existed

You improved your company’s project portfolio management with CA PPM; now use the CA PPM add-on Advanced Resource Planning to optimize your resource planning in the projects as well. The program gives you a clear overview of the utilization of core resources and allows you to create a valid plan in consideration of utilization gaps. With the support of a simple variant for skills management, information can be exchanged between project managers and resource planners.

Check out Advanced Resource Planning

Get an initial overview of Advanced Resource Planning A short tutorial introduces you to the key functions and operation and teaches you where Advanced Resource Planning can provide support in your daily work.

  • It helps project managers create realistic plans with easy assignment of resources across multiple projects within a single view.
  • It helps resource planners assign the right resources across multiple projects.
  • Realtime feedback at all times in the application.

Use Advanced Resource Planning in your role

As a project manager or PMO

  • Process resource assignments and reservations for all projects and investments in a single view
  • Drill down to the tasks
  • Process extremely detailed task assignments
  • Realtime feedback – highlighted in color

As a resource planner

  • Look over the complete resource requirement across all investments in a single view
  • Use pivot tables based on resources or projects
  • Process the ETC for all investment types, including Other Work, Services, etc.
  • See all relevant information on a single page, instead of piecing it together from different pages.

These companies count on us for their CA PPM success.

Try Advanced Resource Planning now

Start now with Advanced Resource Planning and simplify your resource planning within CA PPM. From the first contact to the final installation, we support you through all the steps and provide advice and support.

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