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itdesign is one of the world's leading providers
of resource management solutions for CA PPM.

With over 50 employees specialized in CA PPM and more than 50 CA PPM projects successfully implemented around the world in companies large and small, itdesign is the largest and most successful partner for your project portfolio management in Germany. In addition to implementing and providing ongoing support for CA PPM for customers in a wide variety of industries, itdesign also develops its own add-ons. With the successful launch of Advanced Resource Planning, the company provided the market with the world’s only add-on for resource management within CA PPM.


More than 50 employees take care of the development of the market-leading add-ons and specialised in resource management.


We specialize in the development of add-ons for CA PPM with a focus on resource management.


itdesign provides CA PPM support to more than 50 customers worldwide and develops related certified add-ons.

We are your specialist for resource management

Take full advantage of our expertise in resource management. With our market leading Add-ons for CA PPM we simplify resource management and extend CA with lots of useful features.

Make effective use of your resources

The planning and utilization of employees within an organization is a constant source of conflict. One one side, project managers are tearing their hair out trying to obtain free capacities to carry out company projects. On the other side, employees with extra capacity are not being assigned to the right projects. Utilizing employees consistently in terms of time and space and according to their skills requires a systematic optimization of capacities.

When introducing resource management, it is necessary to decide, based on the situation at hand, what procedure and technical support are best suited to your own organizational form. We distinguish between four types here, and we have developed specific technical approaches for each of them based on CA PPM and the Advanced Resource Planning add-on module.

Use project portfolio management to achieve success

Project portfolio management (PPM) is becoming increasingly important in the planning and management of your company. The growing number of projects, their volatility, and the complexity of assigning resources to them require the company to maintain a comprehensive view of these projects in order to prioritize and plan them in line with business objectives. PPM solutions provide the basis for this and, combined with any existing agile or traditional project management solutions, give an overall view of your company’s project landscape.

Prioritizing projects

Using PPM to correctly prioritize your projects helps you process the most valuable projects first with the best resources.

Optimizing resource

Optimizing your resource planning with the help of PPM avoids under- or overloading your employees and creates certainty in personnel planning.

Using hybrid

Traditional and agile methods can be easily combined and used together with PPM and JIRA for sensible planning.

Simplifying portfolio

Use lean PPM solutions to analyze your project portfolio in accordance with strategic objectives, financial requirements, achievement of objectives, and resource utilization.

These companies count on us for their CA PPM success.

We look forward to hearing from you

We will support you from the outset in your decision to use CA PPM. We can offer you personalized advice based on our broad spectrum of customers and previously implemented solutions. We will be by your side not only to offer our specialized expertise, but also to fully implement technical requirements. In the end, we see ourselves as a critical guide in your project, enabling you to achieve the best possible result.

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