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itdesign is one of the world's leading providers of
resource management solutions and add-ons for CA PPM.

As a Focus and Technology Partner, we attach great importance to the close cooperation with the software manufacturer CA Technologies. For more than 15 years, we have been providing project portfolio management expertise to more than 50 CA PPM clients and are among the most widely used CA PPM vendors worldwide.

With the successful launch of itd Advanced Resource Planning, we provided the market with the world’s only add-on for resource management within CA PPM. Besides others, our most current Add-on, itd Team Capacity, supports users in resource planning for agile projects in Jira.

In our daily work with customers, we found that the existing functions of CA PPM were not sufficient for all applications, so we developed the CA PPM add-on Advanced Resource Planning. It is the perfect complement to your CA PPM installation and is certified by CA as an official add-on. Advanced Resource Planning drastically reduces the effort required for resource planning. Look forward to a simplified work process and faster, reliable results when planning your project resources.

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itd Team Capacity integrates the agile project planning that is done with Jira, with the resource management that is done with CA PPM. The project manager or product owner receives a direct feedback on the feasibility of his sprint planning while moving around his backlog’s items over the upcoming sprints.

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Our Add-ons for Your Success

Making the best investments, using your resources efficiently, and focusing on your company‘s value-added projects is a challenge. With CA Technologies Project Portfolio Management solution, you can steer your portfolio in line with your business strategy and make the right decisions to successfully execute projects.

However, no two companies are exactly alike. So it‘s only logical that the requirements for a software like CA PPM also differ. Not every functionality that makes your daily work easier is already available in the standard version. As passionate problem solvers, we at itdesign make it our mission to develop exactly the enhancements which make your CA PPM unbeatable: the itd Add-ons. We‘ve developed these Add-ons into mature products so that every CA PPM user – including you – can benefit today.

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We will support you from the outset in your decision to use CA PPM. We can offer you personalized advice based on our broad spectrum of customers and previously implemented solutions. We will be by your side not only to offer our specialized expertise, but also to fully implement technical requirements. In the end, we see ourselves as a critical guide in your project, enabling you to achieve the best possible result.

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