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With over ten years of experience working with the CA PPM software, we know exactly which functions can be implemented in CA PPM and how we can develop the best solution for you. We also develop additional modules and add-ons that extend CA PPM and are an optimal complement to it. In the end, CA PPM is the system in which we implement your ideas for project and portfolio management processes.

itd Advanced Resource Planning

Simple resource management as an extension to CA PPM

itd Jira Integration

Easily integrate agile planned projects into CA PPM.

itd Team Capacity

Integrated task planning view in CA PPM.

itd Gantt Print

Print Gantt charts directly from CA PPM.

itd Navigation Tiles

The easiest way to navigate in CA PPM.

itd Excel Exchange

Import and export of Excel data within CA PPM.

itd Document Drive

Access CA PPM documents using WebDAV

itd Single Sign-on

Easily integrate CA PPM into security structures.

itd MTA

Measure the progress of projects in CA PPM using the milestone trend analysis

itd MSP Export

Easy transfer of CA PPM project plans to Microsoft Project.

What would you like?

We help you get the most out of your CA PPM.

The simplest resource management system for CA PPM: Advanced Resource Planning

Advanced Resource Planning came from the further development of the well-known CA PPM add-on itd Assignment Editor. With it, you can plan your resources in detail across all processes of a project or across projects, and directly in CA PPM. This allows you to maintain a constant overview of current resource utilization and to recognize overloads at the moment of allocation – and to do this in realtime in your existing CA PPM system. Look forward to a simplified work process and faster, reliable results when planning your project resources.


  • Certified CA PPM add-on, which makes resource management efficient, convenient, and fast
  • Support for project managers in creating realistic plans with easy assignment of resources across multiple projects within a single view
  • Support for resource planners in assigning the right resources across multiple projects
  • Use of scenarios to simulate portfolios
  • Realtime feedback at all times in the application
  • Can be flexibly configured to suit your individual requirements
  • Available for CA PPM On Premise or On Demand in the applicable versions supported by CA

Integrate agile and classic planning in CA PPM: itd Jira Integration

Agile and classic project planning methods often coexist within a company. Using a streamlined resource planning, however, is often complicated due to the use of different planning systems. The real elegance of integrated resource planning can only be experienced if CA PPM is able to fulfill its duty as governance tool and is used to allocate resources to valuable initiatives. Therefore, the itd JIRA integration add-on combines two leading systems to create a holistic view on resource planning.


  • CA PPM Add-on to quickly and easily integrate JIRA data into CA PPM.
  • Creates a comprehensive overview of allocated resources regardless of whether they work on agile or classically planned Projects
  • Supports the resource manager in the effective allocation of resources across many projects
  • Flexible, configurable, adjustable to your individual needs .
  • Available for CA PPM On Premise or On Demand in the applicable versions supported by CA.
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Quick and simple printing of charts from CA PPM: itd Gantt Print

As a project manager you need to share your project plan with colleagues, customers and suppliers. So far, printing your Gantt charts directly from CA PPM has been a tough task. With itd Gantt Print exporting your charts as a PDF and printing them right away has become simple. The add-on allows you to print and share your Gantt charts easily and ensures the visibility of all required information in the printed document.


  • Quick and simple printing of Gantt charts from CA PPM
  • Overview and structure of CA PPM task lists
  • Page header, column header and footer on all pages
  • Display of the current date line
  • PDF preview available
  • Print optimized for DIN A3 format
  • Installation within minutes
  • Supported in all browsers
  • SaaS-capable
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The best way to export data from CA PPM: itd Excel Exchange

CA PPM only offers a few standard options for exporting structured data to a table calculation such as MS Excel. With the itd Excel Export add-on, we have added this functionality to CA PPM, thereby extending the analysis options for projects, assignments, allocations, and resources.


  • CA PPM add-on, which makes it easier to export data from CA PPM
  • Assignments, allocations, resources, and projects can be easily provided to a table calculation.
  • Reap the benefits of extended analysis options outside of CA PPM.
  • Can be flexibly configured to suit your individual requirements
  • Available for CA PPM On Premise or On Demand in the applicable versions supported by CA
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The fastest access to CA PPM documents: itd Document Drive

With the itd Document Drive add-on, you can conveniently access your documents and files stored in CA PPM via the familiar Explorer interface. This simplifies search processes in large data stores and even allows access to these files by users without CA PPM access.


  • CA PPM add-on, which makes it easier to access CA PPM documents
  • Users without CA PPM access can nevertheless access important stored documents
  • Simplified search within documents in CA PPM
  • Can be flexibly configured to suit your individual requirements
  • Available for CA PPM On Premise in the applicable versions supported by CA
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More security for CA PPM: itd Single Sign-on

In many companies, uniform security standards and sign-on processes are employed. With itd Single-Sign-on you are able to quickly and easily integrate CA PPM in this right structure and create a consistent security approach for your project portfolio Management.


  • CA PPM Add-on that facilitates the integration of CA PPM in an existing security and rights concept.
  • Supports IT managers in establishing a consistent and comprehensive security concept within the company and only allowing authorized employees the access to CA PPM.
  • Flexible, configurable, adjusted to your individual needs.
  • Available for CA PPM On Premise or On Demand in the applicable versions supported by CA.
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The most accurate analysis of your projects in CA PPM: itd MTA

The milestone trend analysis (MTA) lets you observe and monitor the course of planned milestones. The add-on displays end times and modifications of milestones or other processes throughout the course of the project. As long as the project plan is maintained, meaning process deadlines and their completion are always entered, delays or time savings can be visualized.


  • CA PPM add-on, which analyzes and monitors the progress of projects by means of the milestone trend analysis (MTA)
  • Archiving with the aid of basic plans
  • Project and portfolio managers gain an overview of the performance of all projects in the course of time
  • Graphical evaluation of data
  • Can be flexibly configured to suit your individual requirements
  • Available for CA PPM On Premise in the applicable versions supported by CA
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Easy transfer of CA PPM project plans to Microsoft Project: itd MSP Export

Trying to share your project plan in CA PPM with others can be challenging – especially if they do not have access to your system. One popular option is to export your project plan to Microsoft Project. Nevertheless, the result is most probably not what you expected, since the two systems, CA PPM and Microsoft Project, follow a different logic. itd MSP Export helps you overcome this obstacle and provides you with two identical project plans in both tools.


  • Correct export of project plans from CA PPM to Microsoft Project
  • Additional option for CA PPM exports
  • Generation of an MSP file including all deadlines and dates
  • Optional setting to display or hide resource information
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Extend your CA PPM with itdesign

We support you in extending your CA PPM system. We use state-of-the-art web technologies to adapt CA PPM to your individual requirements. One of itdesign’s strengths is the ability to develop add-ons for missing functions. But we are also happy to develop custom software solutions to improve your CA PPM system.

Solution products

Our catalog of add-ons and so-called solution products is constantly under development, with new CA PPM options being added all the time. We would be happy to meet with you in person to present our range of products and services.


CA PPM software usually replaces existing systems. Integrated document management, data mart, and report functions make the use of separate systems unnecessary and provide an attractive opportunity to consolidate systems. To ensure that existing data is not lost when changing systems, we program the required templates for the data migration. This helps ensure a smooth data import.

We also implement interfaces that establish a permanent data exchange between CA PPM and other systems. For example, this allows attendance times to be imported from the timekeeping system into CA PPM, where it can then be compared with project times. Another option is the transfer of data from CA PPM for reporting purposes or for further financial processing. We document each interface in detail and train your administrators in their use and maintenance. Our track record includes many successful SAP integrations in particular.

Good reasons for itdesign

We trust in the performance winner

With CA PPM, we are using the PPM solution, which has been rated by most analysts worldwide as the leading PPM solution. For you, this means reliability and risk avoidance.

Excellent support

You can rely on excellent support from your personal team of experts consisting of sales, technical and technical advice.

Years of experience

More than 15 years of experience in the implementation of CA PPM make us a recognized PPM expert. We use the software ourselves and know all tips and tricks for a fast usage.

Fastest project implementation

We continuously develop the implementation methods further and guarantee the shortest implementation times for standard functions.  

For each project

itdesign has the most consultants trained on CA PPM in Europe and is able to successfully complete the largest projects.

Useful Add-ons

Our add-ons are used by many companies worldwide to further improve and simplify the use of CA PPM. We are one of the most widely used CA PPM extensions in the world.

These companies count on us for their CA PPM success.

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