Reconciled resource planning

Consolidate your CA PPM and Jira resource planning into one view.

itd Team Capacity integrates the agile project planning that is done with Jira, with the resource management that is done with CA PPM. The project manager or product owner receives a direct feedback on the feasibility of his sprint planning while moving around his backlog’s items over the upcoming sprints. There are no need for any additional tool to staff project employees. It helps facilitate easy management of your resources across all projects, even the agile ones and provides a comprehensive view of their respective portfolio resource situation.

  • Import of all tasks and sprints from Jira
  • Comparison of workload estimations with CA PPM’s allocations during the sprint’s timeframe
  • Possibility to move items between sprints with Drag-and-Drop and direct editing interface to Jira
  • Direct feedback on changed utilization rate in the histogram
  • Integration into the CA PPM security concept and ready for CA PPM On-Demand or On-Premise installations
  • Works with all CA PPM installations from version 15.2 onwards

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itd Team Capacity: Agile resource planning with ease

itd Team Capacity makes resource management in CA PPM more agile and reliable in hybrid project organizations. The easy-to-use and comprehensive view on resource utilization for agile projects combined with the planning in CA PPM improves the overall resource planning quality and significantly accelerates the planning process. itd Team Capacity makes it possible to integrate agile sprint planning with comprehensive resource planning. The sprint’s expected workload is compared in realtime to the team’s availability for the corresponding timeframe which has previously been aligned with other activities in the organization. This integrated view improves the planning quality and eases the staffing process.

Ready for immediate use

itd Team Capacity is fully integrated into your CA PPM and Jira environment and can be used immediately.

Simple and comfortable

itd Team Capacity is easy to use and looks like a traditional Kanban Board with the additional resource view and histogram.

Ready for the future

itd Team Capacity works with every CA PPM installation from version 15.2 onwards.

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