Cookie Policy

At itdesign, we believe in transparency in the collection and use of data. With this policy, we would like to inform you about the use of our cookies and similar storage technologies. The cookie policy is part of our Privacy Policy, which provides additional information on the data we collect and use.

1. What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on your end device by your web browser that store certain information. The next time you visit our website using the same device, the information stored by cookies is either returned to our website (“First Party cookie”) or another website to which the cookie belongs (“Third Party cookie”). Session cookies are deleted after logging out and closing your browser, while long-term cookies remain on your device until they are deleted by you or your browser, or their duration has expired.

The information stored and returned by the cookie allows us to display our website and its contents according to your preferences and personalize your user experience. Cookies also allow us to evaluate the success of our marketing activities.

However, only the cookie is identified on the device. Additional storage of personal data is only carried out upon your express consent or if such storage is essential, for example, to be able to use the offered and accessed service.

4. Use of Cookies

Depending on their purpose and function, we classify the cookies used by our website into the following categories:

  • Essential cookies
  • Functional cookies
  • Statistics cookies

Essential cookies

Essential cookies ensure that our website and its services function properly and can be optimized by us. This means that without these cookies, our website and its services cannot be used as intended.

This type of cookies (essential cookies) is used exclusively by itdesign (First Party cookies). The information stored in these cookies is only available to us.

The following essential cookies are used on our website:

borlabs-cookieitdesign.deThe borlabs cookie stores the consent you gave when visiting the website. If you would like to revoke this consent, simply delete the cookie in your browser. When you do this, the next time you access the website again or refresh it, you will again be asked for your consent to use the cookies.1 year

Cookies that are absolutely necessary cannot be deactivated or activated individually. You have the option of deactivating cookies generally in your browser at any time.

Functional cookies

NIDgoogle.comUsed to unlock Google Maps content.6 months

You can object to the use of functional cookies at any time by adjusting your cookie settings accordingly.

Statistics cookies

Matomo Tag Manageritdesign GmbHMatomo Tag Manager zur Steuerung der erweiterten Script- und Ereignisbehandlung.744 days

You can object to the use of statistics cookies at any time by adjusting your cookie settings accordingly.